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An accident has left you or a loved one seriously injured and not knowing who to turn to for help.

A West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer at 24/7 Injury Law is committed to protecting your rights and securing your future following a serious or fatal personal injury.

We know this is a difficult time in your life; you are focusing on your recovery, but you are also worried about your financial security as you are forced to miss work and lose income.

Our firm can help you file a personal injury claim that will address the damages, harms and losses that suffered as a result of the accident.


Over 40 Years of combined experience

Our firm provides experienced, personal, compassionate, and aggressive legal representation. At 24/7 Injury Law, you aren’t just another case file in our database.

You are a real person who deserves to understand the claims process every step of the way.  You deserve the open communication and personal attention that we provide.

– by Carlos Jiménez,

Managing Attorney


Do not delay your claim — Call us today !


The Personal Injury Attorney That Gets Results

24/7 Injury Law has a team of West Palm Beach injury attorneys in South Florida focused on the representation of individuals and their families who have been injured by the negligence of others.


Do not move your vehicle after an automobile accident unless it is necessary for safety reasons or if required by law.


The value of a case is based on actual damages, which include:

Past medical bills
Future medical bills
Past lost wages
Future lost wages (loss of earning capacity)
Pain and suffering


You should bring all records associated with your case that are in your possession, including medical records, doctor’s name and phone numbers, police reports, incident reports, medical bills, photographs, estimate of damage to your car, photo ID, and any other documentation related to your accident.

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Hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent your claim is an important decision. When a personal injury claim is not filed in time, you may forfeit your legal right to recover compensation for the damages you suffered.  But do not worry, contact us now and we will file the claim for you.