The firm  has extensive experience helping individuals who have suffered serious injuries and families who have lost a loved one in an accident. The firm has achieved favorable results for its clients

Relevant Results

$ 2,500,000.00

Traffic accident | Death by negligence.

Confidential amount

Traffic accident caused by a person driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs | Back and shoulder injuries.

$ 875,000.00

Traffic accident | Complex case due to problems with the coverage of the insurance company’s policy and problems with the responsibility attributed to the parties.

$ 850,000.00

Construction accident | Back and shoulder injuries. This case was referred to our firm by another Florida attorney.

$ 675,000.00

Traffic accident | The total settlement was obtained from 4 different insurance companies.

$ 500,000.00

Traffic accident | Neck and shoulder injuries.

$ 400,000.00

Slip and fall in a warehouse | Neck and back injuries

$ 375,000.00

Assault and aggression in the parking lot of a popular downtown.

$ 350,000.00

Traffic accident | Neck injuries

$ 300,000.00

Traffic accident | Leg and knee injuries

$ 300,000.00 (limits of the insurance policy)

Unfair death, drowning in a pool

Amount obtained: 17 times more than the limits of the policy

Case of Mala Fe Traffic accident | Neck injuries

Amount obtained: 5 times more than the limits of the policy

Case of Mala Fe Traffic accident

$ 310,000.00

Traffic accident | Herniated disc

$ 275,000.00

Traffic accident | Herniated disc

$ 233,000.00

Traffic accident | Herniated disc

$ 200,000.00

Traffic accident | Back injuries

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