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You are here because you — or a loved one — were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and need legal advice. You have questions about fault and want solid answers, not empty promises. A West Palm Beach motorcycle accident lawyer at 24/7 Injury Law is ready to deliver. Our firm offers a FREE case evaluation and will take action on your behalf when the insurance companies are dragging their feet with your injury claim. Call 888-984-4878 to schedule your FREE legal consultation.

Our firm handles all types of motorcycle accident claims involving:

  • cars and SUVs;
  • semi trucks and tractor trailers;
  • other motorcycles;
  • pedestrians; and
  • bicyclists.

We assist you with gathering important evidence to substantiate your claim such as:

  • police reports;
  • witness statements;
  • accident photographs;
  • medical records; and
  • damaged property.
Recover Damages with Help from a West Palm Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Florida’s no-fault laws don’t apply to motorcycle accidents. However, the state’s minimum requirements for auto insurance coverage do. This can sometimes make it difficult for a victim or victim’s family to receive the financial compensation necessary to keep up with medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, therapy, or expenses related to a fatal motorcycle accident.

Compensation in a motorcycle accident needs to evaluate the following damages:

  • current medical expenses;
  • future treatment costs;
  • long-term medical care;
  • current income loss;
  • projected lost wages; and
  • pain and suffering.

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